Benefits of Tongue Cleaning !

Just as a person brushes their teeth every morning, it is a good health habit to also clean the tongue. A metal tongue cleaner is the most efficient tool for this purpose and is traditionally used in Asian countries such as Japan and India. Overnight, “ama” (by-products of digestion) as well as mucus and bacteria, collect on the tongue – and scraping with a tongue cleaner is more effective than just brushing. You will notice a much cleaner feeling in the mouth when using a tongue cleaner daily.


Daily tongue cleaning improves oral health by reducing bacteria count and the debris that accumulates overnight.

There are reflex points relating to all the organs of the body on the hands and feet, and similarly there are reflex spots on the tongue. By massaging the hands and feet, different parts of the body can be benefited; and by scraping the tongue carefully with the tongue cleaner, all the internal organs are indirectly energized, and the gastric fire – digestive enzymes – are stimulated, thus improving digestion and assimilation.


Also, by daily observing your tongue both before and after cleaning, much can be learned about your health. A much coated tongue, especially if the coating is hard to clean off, can mean approaching illness, or toxicity that may be helped by a day of fasting or light diet , or drinking hot ginger tea.

Gently scrape from the back of the tongue forward until you have scraped the whole surface (six to ten strokes), washing off the tongue cleaner as needed during the process. It is helpful also to gargle with warm salt water. Just wash your tongue cleaner well and store until the next use.

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